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February 2023 Update


Hi, I’m Mo Mulheren the Second District Supervisor. 


Each month the Board members submit a written report that updates the other Board members and the community on the work that we are doing. I would also like to use this as an opportunity to share with you all events I’ve attended as well as other updates from our community. Here is a list of pertinent meetings and links so that you can look at websites or videos and of course reach out if you have additional questions.


This is not an exhaustive list of the meetings and events that I attended and instead is meant to provide an opportunity to remind my colleagues and the public about the projects that I am working on to be able to ask questions about these meetings or events. 


February 1, 2023 

Meet with the City of Ukiah -the first Wednesday of the month I meet with the city manager and deputy city manager of the City Of Ukiah. Topics include homelessness, traffic, improvements, and upcoming events and important topics. City Of Ukiah recently received a grant for some traffic signal improvements on Perkins, goby and Main Street, those projects are expected to be incorporated in the next fiscal year for circulation improvements. 


At the Stepping Up Committee we discussed the most productive use of this meeting time and received a report out from Naphcare. 


February 2, 2023

Meet with the Grassroots Institute Re the funds from the PG&E account for Climate Resiliency. 


Update meeting with McGourty, Antle and Pauli re DWR grants and studies that are ongoing for the water resources from the Scott and VanArsedale dams. 


February 3, 2023 

Attended the regularly scheduled MCAFD meeting in Anderson Valley, discuss storms, Ambulance JPA and building permits. 

Parks Ad Hoc is meeting monthly, we discussed the upcoming fees updates, how to partner with different agencies, a marketing partnership with Visit Mendocino and received updates on Capital Projects. 


February 5, 2023 

Veterans Day Parade Planning Meeting


February 6, 2023

Internal Tax Sharing Meeting 

Meet with Barry from Mendo Grasslands and Yokayo Ranch around cannabis concerns. 


February 7, 2023

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Presentation regarding the Mendocino County Emergency Services Agency and the work being done as well as updates regarding projects approved for PG&E funding.  The JPA is getting closer but there are still reports to review and the legal documents to prepare, but it is moving forward.


February 8, 2023 



February 13, 2023 

Attend virtual meeting 2023 E.R. Brown Symposium: Addressing Gun Violence as a Public Health Epidemic

Meet with Bruce Wilson about the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay 


February 14, 2023 

Tax Sharing meeting with the Cities


February 15, 2023

Present at the Realtor Caravan in Ukiah 

Meet with Community Foundation re IHSS Trust - Workers can use existing programs to help with emergency funds. 


February 16, 2023 

Great Redwood Trail Agency – receive a report from the Director and update on the Master Plan Process.


LAFCO Policies and Procedures meeting


February 17, 2023

Meet with new planning commissioner

Ukiah Courthouse meeting 

Meet with the Sheriff 


February 21, 2023

Lake Mendocino Meeting  regarding summer recreation opportunities


February 22, 2023

Behavioral Health Advisory Board selected Denise Gordy to work with the Crisis Intervention Team and Perri Keller to work on the RFP for Substance use Services. 


Measure B Oversight Board – Behavioral Health applied for a grant for the PHF and if any money is received it would be turned back over to the Measure B funds for other community uses 


Meetings re MSWMA and Cannabis Amnesty 


February 23, 2023 

Closed Session Department Head Reviews


February 24, 2023

Meet with Fish and Game Commissioner

Meet with developer


February 26, 2023 

Cannabis Town Hall 


February 27, 2023

General Government Committee- Receive Cannabis Departmental update, discuss

 (LJAGP) Budget Amendment, discuss Cannabis Business Tax initiative


First 5 Mendocino

The importance of the culture of your agency, inclusivity. Working on getting more active on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Limiting Flavored Tobacco is having a budget impact on First Five budget. Raise and Shine has been having a lot of activity, working on improving the First 5 space as people are stopping in to see if there are resources for them. HOPE Training (Health, Outcomes for Positive Experiences) has launched and is available for local agencies. Will be adding Agendas and Minutes in Spanish and having a Zoom caption in Spanish for more inclusion.


West Center Board Orientation 


February 28, 2023

Board of Supervisors appointed various individuals to boards and committees as we do every month, Proclamations for Black/African American History Month and Women’s History Month, approve an agreement with 4Leaf for cannabis contract planning. Provide funding for homelessness services to Mendocino County Youth Project, Unity Village and Manzanita Services.


I had a meeting with members of SEIU to discuss wages, processes and housing. 


Thank you so much for reading and following along with my role as the Second District Supervisor for the County of Mendocino. If you have questions or comments on these topics or others, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


 or text my cell phone at 707-391-3664 to set up a meeting. 



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