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Holiday Food Drive

Earlier this year, Maureen Mulheren, Former Mayor and Ukiah City Councilmember used her birthday to support the community by doing a fundraiser and food drive for the Ukiah Food Bank. “Food security is something that no one should struggle with. Every family should know where their next meal is coming from—it’s a simple thing for the community to be able to help with. It also empowers us when we support each other. That’s why I chose the Food Bank.”


Mulheren decided to add a Holiday Food Drive to her schedule. On December 21st, she will be driving around the Ukiah area with a mask, gloves and hand sanitizer to pick up donations from the doorsteps of participating residents. She will then deliver the items straight to the Food Bank to eliminate the need for people to travel there themselves. Each year the Ukiah Food Bank has a holiday fundraising drive through the Ukiah Daily Journal. The goal for this year’s drive is $85,000, and donations can be mailed to or dropped off at the Ukiah Food Bank, 888 N. State St., or mailed to The Ukiah Daily Journal, 617 S. State St., Ukiah, CA 95482.


If you'd like for Mulheren to do a safe and sanitized pantry pick up you can email her at or text or call her at 707-391-3664 to be added to the list.

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