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June 2023 Update


Hi, I’m Mo Mulheren the Second District Supervisor. 

Each month the Board members submit a written report that updates the other Board members and the community on the work that we are doing. I would also like to use this as an opportunity to share with you all events I’ve attended as well as other updates from our community. Here is a list of pertinent meetings and links so that you can look at websites or videos and read about some of the topics that I work on, as always reach out if you have additional questions.

June 2, 2023


The Chiefs are working on a proposal for a Fire Warden position and seem to be gaining traction to find the best way to frame a position that can fit the needs of the fire departments. Because tax projections are down there may be a decrease in funding for Sales Tax measures so fire departments should be prepared. It’s not likely that the the Board would support reductions to fire departments. There is discussion of the JPA financial review being turned over to AP Triton.

The Parks Ad hoc met and discussed Bower Park grant for storm damage repair, Social Media campaigns for camp hosts as well as rentals and the GSA park update should be coming to the Board in July. 

MIWPC – Mendocino Inland Water Power Commission

Debrief from the Russian River Water Forum meeting, what will the group do if one entity or individual is not interested in signing the Charter, discussion on agreement of the Charter and any changes or ideas that people have. If you want to learn more about the RRWF here is the link to the website

June 3, 2023 

Volunteer Day at Mill Creek – weed eating, cat tail pruning and painting over graffiti at the restrooms.

Pride meeting at Black Oak with Darren to talk about the Proclamation and other Pride events planned in Ukiah 

June 5, 2023

LAFCO met and approved the budget and met in Closed Session to select legal counsel. 

I had a Budget prep meeting with the Executive Office Fiscal Team.

June 5th is my birthday and starting in 2020 I would do a food drive each year. This year I hosted a Birthday event that included free line dancing aerobics for families and a collection of sports equipment for Ukiah Recovery Center and non-perishables for the Ukiah Food Bank 

June 6, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting 

Budget hearings; concerns from SEIU about a COLA. Modernization project completed in Environmental Health to make it easier to report in the field. Raising the salaries of Appraisers so that we can keep current with taxes and reduce shocking tax bills as well as increase revenues to the County. Budget hearings will have to use one-time funds to balance this year, need to work with Department Heads to increase revenue and reduce expenses. Aumentum property tax system has hit a turning point and is ready to use the momentum to move forward; next step is final acceptance of the implementation so the list of outstanding items would be completed, and the issues within the program specifically related to issues in the Assessor's office and the final hiccups within the Treasurer-Tax Collector Office. Update from general Services about vehicle mile reduction, energy efficiency and reduction, capital improvement costs and reduction of the County owned fleet. Update from PRRM – Disaster Recovery, OES, Contract and Grants Division to discuss streamlining and project updates. Behavioral Health is in the middle of CALAims reform, and we are not sure how the rates will come down from the State. Public health is maximizing all the dollars from the State available. 

June 7, 2023 

Meeting with the City of Ukiah Mayor and City Manager staff discussing the Orr Creek Apartments and how to better collaborate with County Planning and Building when building projects that have a direct impact on the City of Ukiah. 

June 8, 2023

MSWMA meeting adoption of the 23/24 budget, discussion of what to do with existing equipment now that the operation is being turned over to the hauler and discussion of remote events and hazmobile for the first two quarters of Fiscal Year 23/24

NACO Veterans & Military Services Committee Meeting had a guest speaker that talked about the mental health of our veterans and how counties could support them with more programming and connection to resources. 

The Parks Ad Hoc met with the Anderson Valley Land Trust and GSA to discuss ways we could partner. 

Although the Courthouse is on hold, we are meeting regularly to discuss the area surrounding the downtown with the City and GSA 

June 9, 2023

I took a tour of the Real Goods property in Hopland with new owner.

June 12, 2023

I attended the UCANR UCCE Mendocino Water Position Interviews.

I hopped on the County New Hire Orientation to welcome our new team members.

Russian River Water Forum Meeting 

June 13, 2023

Visit Mendocino Meet and Greet at the Thatcher Hotel in Hopland 

June 14, 2023

Meet and Greet with CPUC Liaison Antoinette Siguenza

Children’s Health Committee Meeting a roundtable on reproductive health education, Sexual Wellness and Mendocino Youth.

Real Goods Hopland meeting with Planning and Building 

Inland Water Power Commission Meeting Closed Session Update 

June 15, 2023

Great Redwood Trail Agency Meeting – We received an update on the General Plan update and the Board approved a brush and trash clean up along the abandoned railroad north of Brush Street to Calpella. 

Meet with Kate Magrudder to discuss more about myself for her theatrical journalism class. 

June 19, 2023

Discussion re Measure P Allocations with County and Fire Safe Council 

June 20, 2023 

Board of Supervisors meeting-

Employee recognition. Housing conversations about adding more homes to a lot, and reducing the inclusionary zoning code, seeking grants for Brooktrails and Redemeyer Road second access/evacuation routes.

June 21, 2023 

Great Redwood Trail Eel River Canyon Economic Opportunities Meeting 

June 22, 2023 

Russian River Water Forum Planning Group Water Rights Committee Meeting 

Meeting with SEIU Local 2015 representative to introduce herself and talk about the work that IHSS workers do in our community.

Meeting with local volunteer re the future of Parks. 

June 23, 2023

Tax Sharing Ad-Hoc follow up meeting with the cities. 

June 25, 2023 

On Sunday I held a Virtual town Hall on Homelessness to go over the presentation to the Board and to hear what is and what isn’t working in our community. If you have ideas let me know. 

June 26, 2023

GGC – The General Government Committee heard an update from the Cannabis Department. 

Continuum of Care – You can watch Continuum of Care meetings on YouTube. The Mendocino County Homeless Services Continuum Of Care (MCHSCoC) is a collaborative of over 31 agencies throughout Mendocino County. The MCHSCoC meets monthly in Ukiah. Continuum activities include the Point-in-Time Census and Survey of individuals and families experiencing homelessness, Coordinated Entry, Permanent Housing, and collaboration toward securing and maintaining HUD-funded housing projects for addressing homelessness in Mendocino County.

June 27, 2023

Bid Conversion meeting with VMC Civitas Advisors and County Staff

June 28, 2023 

BHAB in Redwood Valley – I am the Board liaison to the Behavioral Health Advisory Board, we meet monthly. This month we received the Annual report along with the Directors reports and reports from the service providers. We reviewed the service matrix and the outreach plan. There have been three vacancies in District 4 seats since I have been on the Board. If you know someone that is interested in improving and accountability with the Behavioral Health Services please have them reach out to me or the Clerk of the Board.

Measure B met in Redwood Valley at the Training Center. The committee to approve the RFP for substance abuse treatment projects was approved, there was discussion about publicizing what is happening with the committee to the public. 

June 29, 2023 

Redwood Region RISE Monthly HRTC Meeting

Real Goods meeting with the Building Department 

County Counsel performance evaluation 

June 30, 2023 

WANB Special Meeting to approve contract with the Executive Director 

I met with a youth member of our community that wants to create a Youth Council to advise the Board. I will work with staff to see how we can get this started. 

I also got to Administer an oath for a Board Member for the Children’s Health Committee. If you are interested in joining a committee, please reach out we always need volunteers.

This is not an exhaustive list of the meetings and events that I attended and instead is meant to provide an opportunity to remind my colleagues and the public about the projects that I am working on to be able to ask questions about these meetings or events. 

Thank you so much for reading and following along with my role as the Second District Supervisor for the County of Mendocino. If you have questions or comments on these topics or others, please don’t hesitate to reach out. MulherenM@MendocinoCounty.Org or text my cell phone at 707-391-3664 to set up a meeting. 

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