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October 2022 Update

Hi, I’m Mo Mulheren the Second District Supervisor.



Each month the Board members submit a written report that updates the other Board members and the community on the work that we are doing. I would also like to use this as an opportunity to share with you all events I’ve attended as well as other updates from our community. Here is a list of pertinent meetings and links so that you can look at websites or videos and of course reach out if you have additional questions.



October 1, 2022


I went to Willits to do a Clean-up in Brooktrails at Dogwood Terrace. There weren’t any large trailers, so I worked to haul out three pick up loads of bagged to the transfer station.



October 3, 2022


Meet with a constituent about upcoming cannabis agenda items. I don’t usually reference meeting with constituents, but I wanted to use this as a reminder that I am available to help navigate department concerns or questions if you need assistance.



MSWMA site visit with Mayor Brown and the City of Ukiah staff and C&S Waste to determine what the needs of the location would be for a new contractor.



October 4, 2022


Board of Supervisors Meeting


The Board of Supervisors received a report from the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Regarding Status Report of Activities Related to the Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen's Oversight Committee Projects and Programs. The Measure B Committee has approved several projects with taxpayer dollars related to Mental Health including the Behavioral Health Regional Training Center, the Crisis Residential Treatment Facility, NAMI Mendocino has taken on the role of informing the community about Mental Health/Overdose and stigma reduction. Fort Bragg Crisis Respite: RCS was provided access to the new facility this last week. The RCS construction crew is underway on the remodeling of the office to create a place for the Crisis Respite Program, the Medication Support Program, the Crisis Outpatient Program and the Adult Mental Health Outpatient Program. Remodeling is expected to take approximately 8 to 12 weeks. The Mobile Crisis Response Team Pilot - Three full time staff responding seven days a week 8 am - 6:30 pm, Sunday-Wednesday 8 am – 8 pm. o FY 22-23 YTD Call Responses: 175 o Call responses September 2022: 37 Mental Health Treatment Act Audit - The audits for periods 7/1/2019 – 6/30/2020, 7/1/2020 – 6/30/2021, and 7/1/2021 – 6/30/2022 were completed. A copy was provided to the Measure B Committee and was also included in the Measure B June 22nd agenda materials. The Mendocino County Auditor-Controller is expected to attend the next Measure B meeting to provide an overview and explain the audit results. Psychiatric Health Facility – Nacht & Lewis, AECOM, and county staff have been meeting regularly on the demolition, design, construction, and programming requirements for the Psychiatric Health Facility at Whitmore Lane.


The Board voted unanimously to approve an agreement with Public Risk Innovations, Solutions and Management (PRISM) Joint Powers Association for membership in the PRISMHealth Program for the purpose of purchasing fully funded healthcare plans and membership in the PRISM Employee Benefits Program for the purpose of purchasing a self-funded dental program and other fully insured programs and insurances for employees and their eligible dependents, estimated to be $17,894,807 in calendar year 2023, effective January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2025; allow automatic annual renewals thereafter until such time as the Board directs the Chief Executive Officer or Designee to withdraw from the pool; and authorize Chair to sign same. This is a conversation that has gone back and forth with previous Boards and Unions over the years that the County had a self-funded Health Insurance Program. This change will help keep a consistent cost for both the employees and the County for Health Insurance.


Per Board Direction Planning and Building will bring forward recommendations regarding tiny homes in Mendocino County.




October 5, 2022


Mendocino County Second District Supervisor and Mayor Brown meeting with the City manager. Each month I meet with the City of Ukiah team members and the Mayor to discuss any cross jurisdictional issues.



Discuss the Developer Fee Proposal that the Ukiah Unified School District will be voting on with Deb Kubin, UUSD Finance Representative, Supervisor Glenn McGourty and Tyler Nelson a UUSD Board Member.



I attended the Stepping Up Meeting with Behavioral Health Staff, Jail Staff and Mental Health Contractors to work to smooth the process for mental health patients being released from the jail.



The Tax Sharing Ad Hoc met with the Executive Office to discuss a possible allocation of property, sales tax and TOT. There are more scenarios that need to be accounted for before a plan is brought forward to the Board.



October 6, 2022


I had the honor this week of volunteering to judge the Ukiah High School Homecoming. Those kids worked so hard and it’s a great opportunity to learn team work and time management responsibility.



This is my last month of the NACO Leadership program. It has been challenging to find time to do the course work but its also been very enlightening to learn about my leadership style and how to incorporate that in to the County.



RCRC Legislation Call-In Session



October 8, 2022


I met at the Willits Justice Center with Supervisor Haschak and Elora Babbini from the Mendocino Cannabis Department to discuss what the layout of the department would look like at the WJC.



October 12, 2022


I attended the Ukiah Main Street Program meeting, for Downtown promotions in the City of Ukiah.



I attended the Visit Mendocino Wellness Meeting to learn more about how Visit Mendocino is incorporating our wellness businesses in to their marketing campaigns.



RRWA/RWQB Lunch Meeting Update; As the Chair for the Russian River Watershed Association I meet regularly with the Vice-Chair and staff of West Yost and the Regional Water Quality Control Board. At our lunch meeting we had a discussion of the current event calendar and relative updates. Andy let us know that there will be a revamp of the carbon-free gardening program which will include Spanish videos in advance of the February event. I want to encourage a remote location in Mendocino County if its hybrid as many of the people that are interested may not be able to join from their homes. We discussed how important it is that all of the Russian River conversations between the Confluence, the Water Users Forum and the Watershed Association are cohesive.



October 13, 2022


I met with IT to do a Dell All in One training for the new computers in chambers.



October 14, 2022


I had the opportunity to attend the Yokayo School Career Day to speak about my journey from Insurance Agent to City Council Member and Board of Supervisor.



October 15, 2022


On Saturday morning I was up bright and early to assist with Pumpkin Fest Vendor Load In. I love this event and happy to carry on this tradition


I attended the Redwood Valley Calpella Fire Appreciation BBQ



October 16, 2022


I worked the ID and Ticket table at the Greater Ukiah Business and Tourism Alliance wine and beer garden at the Pumpkin Fest



October 17, 2022


The General Government Committee met for the first time re Cannabis. This provided a less formal opportunity with more time for the cannabis community to be heard and discuss policy decisions.



October 18, 2022


At the Board of Supervisors Meeting we voted to “temporarily close” Dogwood Terrace. We had the Cannabis appeals discussion, and discussed dead and dying trees.



October 19 – 21, 2022


I attended the CALafco in Newport Beach. This was a great opportunity to learn about LAFCO and upcoming legislative changes.



October 24, 2022


I attended the First 5 Commission Meeting as the Boards alternate. We received an update on branding and projects.



October 25, 2022


Meet with constituent to discuss challenges with the Planning and Building Department. I don’t usually reference meeting with constituents, but I wanted to use this as a reminder that I am available to help navigate department concerns or questions if you need assistance.



I met with some community members about the Potter Valley Project and the need for public education to inform the Board of Supervisors and community about how this water source affects both Mendocino and Sonoma County.




October 26, 2022


The Behavioral Health Committee met in Willits. Hybrid Meeting planned for Ukiah in November. Contracts with the ASO have been reviewed with the Contracts committee.


Directors Report from Dr Miller that new staff for behavioral health and substance use is being added regularly. Draft Architect review of the PHF Facility




This is not an exhaustive list of the meetings and events that I attended and instead is meant to provide an opportunity to remind my colleagues and the public about the projects that I am working on to be able to ask questions about these meetings or events.

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