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Weekly Update #12 - March 22, 2022

Hey friends! I’m Mo Mulheren Second District Supervisor for the County of Mendocino. Each week I put out a written report of the projects I’ve been working on and meetings I’ve been attending. This is a brief summary, or highlights if you will, just to let people know the topics that I am working on and if you are interested give you the opportunity to connect with me about these topics.


Wednesday afternoon I attended the Library Advisory Board meeting virtually. We received a report from all of the branches and the Board wanted to continue with the A-87 Ad Hoc to make sure that the Auditor was appropriately distributing the refund of expense to the library.


Wednesday evening the Ukiah City Council met and discussed the new trail in Low Gap Park, conducted a garbage rate hearing and introduced three ordinances for a change in the shopping cart ordinance, an efficient landscape ordinance and a procedure for expediting electric vehicle charging systems. You can watch the full meeting on the City website at CityOfUkiah.Com


Of course every Thursday morning I start my day with Coffee and Conversation on Zoom. We can discuss whatever topic people bring . The Meeting ID is 7079548230 and the Password is LOCAL707 if you have questions or something on your mind just hop in and we can chat.

The Third Thursday of the month we have the Mendocino Business and Government Leaders meeting. This originally started as ways to support businesses through Covid and now we discuss a variety of issues. Dr Coren was in the meeting to handle any questions electeds or the City Managers might have. I hope we are able to work together if there are more variants to hand the them safely while considering the businesses in our community and their needs.

We had our regular MSWMA (MendoRecycle) meeting. Tom Varga the Interim GM reported that the job is flying and so far have not had any interested candidates. We discussed a reimbursement fund for volunteers that clean up roadside trash and the ability to have Probationers and Inmates back to help for clean ups this summer.

As the Chair of the RRWA we have a quarterly meeting with the RWQCB to discuss any needs that might be arising within the agencies.

I had a great meeting with the Volunteer Network about organizing youth volunteers in the City to clean up litter and graffiti. Hope to have more info soon.

After that I had Interview with Grand Jury about a variety of topics. I love those folks. I’m a real straight shooter so I appreciate their questions. (Did you know you can ask me questions anytime on social media, on my Zoom or by scheduling an appointment? I love to chat about local government)


The Workforce Alliance of the North Bay meeting this week was cancelled due to lack of quorum.

On Friday evening I attended the Blue Zones Project Kick Off and Ribbon Cutting of the team’s new office at the Alex Rohrbaugh Center in South Ukiah.


Saturday was a great community event for the Kick-Off of the Blue Zones Project in Mendocino County. We had a great turn out of local health related non-profits and I got to do a fun demo of Country Fusion Line Dancing.


Sunday afternoon my youngest daughter and I attended the Women's History Celebration where three local women were honored for their work in healthcare in Mendocino County.





1. OPEN SESSION (9:00 A.M.)

1a) Roll Call

1b) Pledge of Allegiance





3a) Authorization for the Facilities and Fleet Division Manager to Establish a Capital Improvement Project to Replace Damaged Concrete at the Jail Campus Covered Walkway at 951 Low Gap Road, Ukiah in the Amount of $25,000 and Authorization for the Facilities and Fleet Division Manager to Act as Project Manager to Enter Contracts and Approve Change Orders for the Projects, Pursuant to Public Contract Code Section 20142 Recommended Action: Authorize the Facilities and Fleet Division Manager to establish a Capital Improvement project to replace damaged concrete at the jail campus covered walkway at 951 Low Gap Road, Ukiah in the Amount of $25,000 and authorize the Facilities and Fleet Division Manager to act as project manager to enter contracts and approve change orders for the project, pursuant to Public Contract Code section 20142.


3b) Approval of Agreement with AECOM Technical Services, Inc. in the Amount of $217,306.00 for Construction Management Services to Complete the Capital Improvement Project to Relocate the 911 Communications Equipment and Related Sheriff’s Office Servers to a New Secure Facility at 589 Low Gap Road in Ukiah for the Period from the Date of Execution through December 30, 2023 Recommended Action: Approve agreement with AECOM Technical Services, Inc. in the amount of $217,306.00 for Construction Management Services to complete the capital improvement project to relocate the 911 communications equipment and related sheriff's office servers to a new secure facility at 589 Low Gap Road in Ukiah for the period from the date of execution through December 30, 2023 and authorize chair to sign same. Attachments: BOS AECOM Technical Services contract Signed



3c) Approval of Letter of Support for Assembly Bill 2120 (Ward) Regarding Investing Federal Funding in Local Bridges (Countywide) Recommended Action: Approve letter of support for Assembly Bill 2120 (Ward) Regarding Investing Federal Funding in Local Bridges (Countywide); and authorize Chair to sign same. Attachments: AB 2120 Letter



4a) Discussion and Possible Action Including Return on Legislative Subpoenas Requiring Appearance and Examination of Certain Officer(s) of Ortner Management Group, LLC (OMG) and For Receipt of Production of Documents Related to the County’s Contracts With OMG (Sponsors: County Counsel and Behavioral Health and Recovery Services) Recommended Action: Examine certain former officer(s) of Ortner Management Group, LLC (OMG), and receipt of production of documents related to the County's contracts with OMG. BOS Subpoena OMG_Lance BOS Subpoena OMG_Ortner Attachments:

Receive testimony



On Monday evening I did have a meeting with IWPC about finding possible funding options.


I started my Tuesday with a virtual coffee meeting with Supervisor Jaron Brandon from Tuolumne County.


We had a scheduled MTA Board Meeting that had to be halted immediately because of a Zoom bomb. It was my first one in the two years I’ve been doing virtual meetings.


Of course this is not an all inclusive list of the meetings I attend or work that I do, this is just to give you an idea of what I am working on so you can ask for an update of a topic that is interesting to you.


I am always available by cell phone 707-391-3664 or by email at MulherenM@MendocinoCounty.Org

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