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Weekly Update #20 - May 18, 2021


On Wednesday I attended the Workforce Alliance Strategic Planning Meeting with electeds from Lake, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma Counties. What will the economy look like as we transition out of the pandemic. Here is a link to an interesting study:

The MTA board approved a plan to connect transit routes through the City of Ukiah from East at Oak Manor Park to West at Todd Grove Park. This is something that has been called for since I was on the City Council. I am hopefully that this will be a better connector for the community. The route starts on July 1st so stay tuned for updates!



Every Thursday I start my day with Coffee and Conversation. I was only joined by one guest Heidi, we had the usual cannabis conversations as well as talking about my first almost six months in office. Want to hear more? Join me next Thursday!

A major topic for the Mendocino Business and Government Leaders meeting was the extended unemployment. With people receiving an additional $300 per week in Federal Funds there aren't a lot of incentives to get back in to the workforce. Also the rise in cases is very concerning as people begin to hear from the CDC that they can be maskless if they are vaccinated this is increasing the challenges to businesses that are trying to keep up with the regulations.

I also attended the EDFC meeting. They are trying to find applicants for the new team style leadership. One person has been hired and is attending meetings. One big challenge is making sure that everyone pays their loans. They have been getting at least the minimum amount from the applicants.

I also had a Western Hills conversation with a constituent that had concerns about the plans to subdivide and build houses near the base of the Western Hills. These addresses have been on the vacant and underutilized land list for the City of Ukiah for at least the last few years (2019), but it looks like the project is moving forward now. I'm sure there will be more details to come.

I attended the meeting of the Covid-19 Equity Group. The next big focus is making sure that youth are vaccinated and getting out the Spanish Language projects that the group had been working on. I'll share them when I see them.

Thursday night was also the IWPC meeting. You can read more about the concerns about the drought and the impacts on the power projects in Potter Valley and Lake Pillsbury here:



There was very exciting Cannabis news in the Governor's May Revise, including Mendocino County getting $18 million dollars. There will be more to come about how this money can be used but it will be helpful. That wasn't the only good thing for Mendo we are going to keep our eyes on funding for drought projects, homeless housing and green energy.

I also spent time to review the Planning Commission meeting and Ellen Drell interview on KZYX Corporations and Democracy of course both of these were about cannabis.



On Saturday Supervisor McGourty and I went to Potter Valley. We heard from Fire Chief Bill Pauli and Sherri and Bre from the Potter Valley Community Center. Many of the residents in attendance had the same concerns around fire safety and warnings and a place to gather after a fire or during a PSPS etc. We continue to have the conversation around communication. How do we get the word out for these types of meetings.



I'm sure that you all saw the Measure B letter from Sheriff Allman. I am looking forward to the BHAB, Measure B and BOS meeting on May 24th. Its really important that we are all on the same page if we are going to move our community through the Mental Health crisis.

The Ad-hoc for the Move 2030 project had a meeting to discuss the current proposal and the expectations before the Board meeting.

We also had a Covid Update meeting with Dr Coren. Case numbers are on the rise and we need to get more people vaccinated.



I had a call with the new landscape supervisor for CalTrans District 1 to discuss landscape safety this fire season. I also had a follow up meeting with Uma Hinman from LAFCO to discuss the path forward for the Policies and Procedures Committee.



Today was the Outreach Partners Meeting. This is an opportunity for all of the service providers that serve the community can discuss CalFresh and the options available. Pandemic EBT has been helpful for those with school age children.

I had a behind the scenes tour of the new Holiday Inn Express on Airport Park Blvd! 94 rooms, outdoor patio and pool, breakfast nook and event space. It should be a nice addition for tourists to the Ukiah Valley.


As always you are welcome to join me on Zoom or call with questions 707-391-3664. This weekly update is not every single thing I do in a week but a summary of the meetings that I attend in case people are interested in a topic they can ask for more information.


Have a wonderful evening!

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