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Weekly Update #30 - July 27, 2021

Good evening, my name is Mo Mulheren. I am the Second District Supervisor. Every Tuesday night I do an update of what I worked on the previous week. This is a very brief summary to let you know what I’ve been up to and if something peeks your interest please ask questions or attend my Thursday morning zoom. 

On Wednesday I filled in for a member of the MCOG Transportation committee on behalf of MTA. We approved a plan to bring to MCOG and MTA to establish rates of reimbursement for Senior Centers "Door through Door Service". 

Thursday mornings Coffee and Conversation was very lightly attended. (AKA just me and Mark) This week though I will have a special guest. Assembly Member Jim Wood. We will be discussing what the projects he is currently working on; Broadband, Fire prevention/Home hardening and Capitol Happenings including the fishing bill and his committee assignments. See you virtually at 7:15am Meeting ID 7079548230 Password LOCAL707

This year I am chair of the Russian River Watershed Association. On Thursday we received an update about all of the projects that the organization is working on. I would love it if you can help spread the word about the awesome videos that the youth in Mendocino and Sonoma County created last year as well as share the info about this years project which will be drought related.

RRWA is also working with Sonoma State students on making homeless encampments along the river and identifying policy and political barriers that have prevented making toilets accessible at those locations. 

We had another Tax Sharing meeting and will be setting up a meeting with the four cities (Ukiah, Point Arena, Willits, Fort Bragg) to discuss how we can move forward. 

Each year I participate in the Russian River Clean Up. We had a planning meeting on Thursday - its September 18th so save the date 

Ok so technically a Clothing Swap isn’t Supervisor related but did you know that 84% of clothing ends up in a landfill. Swap don’t shop! 

On Friday I listened in on the Latin X Men's Mental Health informational Zoom lunch. There was a panel that discussed the challenges that black and brown men face when trying to discuss and identify mental health concerns. There was a lot of vulnerability in the stories and I’m grateful that they were so open. We all need to learn to be more empathetic to one another. 

On Saturday I was invited for a night out at the Flynn Creek Circus. This was my first time seeing the show. What incredible talent! 

Bright and early Sunday I hit 101 for a Highway Clean Up. I was joined by Ken Johnson and Pete Gallegos. I’m grateful that they showed up to help. Many hands make light work! 

On Sunday afternoon my youngest daughter and I took the paddle board and kayak out to Lake Mendo. And sure enough the water is still wet. Just takes a little longer to get there. 

Of course I volunteered at the Sundays in the Park for the Ukiah Main Street Program. Public Health is offering vaccines and testing at the concerts so hopefully that will make it easy for people to get the vaccine if they haven’t done so already. We are only a little over 50% vaccinated in Mendocino County and cases are surging so if you have ideas for those that are hesitant please let me know. 

On Monday morning I was invited to a Zoom meeting 

of the Sierra Club Utility Task Force. I learned a lot about the work that PG&E is doing with vegetation management vs what they could be doing by replacing lines. Of course the folks are rightly concerned about the number of trees that are being taken down vs hardening the lines. I will be following up by reading the studies they sent me. 

In the afternoon I went to the Stepping up Committee Meeting. The asset mapping is almost complete and the partners are doing a good job of communicating. They’ve identified a few people that may be absent from the table and will be reaching out. It’s really important to have everyone hearing and making the same decisions if collaborations are going to be successful. I hope to share the map soon on my Facebook page so make sure you follow @Mo4Mendo 

This morning I had a conversation about 

Public Health concerns about accessibility to Covid Information. Please share with friends and family that testing locations and vaccine events are always on the County website located here:

I also had a great conversation with the Army Recruiting folks. I think it’s important that our young people are connected to local government if we hope to have them come back after their service. I’m working on a reunion for the Hometown Heroes on 9/11 please look for more information 

I’ve been invited to be on a CSAC Panel about leadership during a disaster. That’s coming up next month I’ll let you know how it goes! 

I hope you are well and as always if you have questions please reach out to me. I’m always ready to take your questions 707-391-3664z have a good night! 

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