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Weekly Update #32 - 8/10/21

Hey! I’m Mo Mulheren the Second District Supervisor for Mendocino County. Every Tuesday I put out a little weekly update about which meetings I have been attending. This helps you know what topics I’m following and if you have feedback I encourage you to reach out. 

Have a great day!




On the First Wednesday of the month I have a meeting with the City of Ukiah as the Second District Supervisor. This is a good opportunity for me to connect with the City about projects that they are working on and that I am aware of at the County. We discussed the concerns around multiple non-profits doing outreach for the homeless community instead of just having one agency focused on that work. Just as we have many varieties of taco shops, tattoo parlors and bars different service providers have different clientele targets. The challenge is when they merge in to each others work and clearly outlining these roles is partially the job of the COC but in my mind a big part is also making sure that the County is effectively managing programs so that they are successful. We also discussed issues coming before LAFCO, including the possibility of a tax sharing agreement between the County of Mendo and the four incorporated cities. 


Every Thursday morning I host a meeting called Coffee and Conversation. This week there were only a couple of people that joined me but we talked about the cannabis program and mental health.  

I popped in (virtually) to the Sonoma Clean Power meeting on Thursday to learn what programs they are offering. Check out the Bike Electric program. Bike Electric | Sonoma Clean Power

I listened in to the Childhood Trauma Action Team. Generational Trauma is a very serious issue in Mendocino County. The more that we can grab young children up out of poverty, educate them and set them up for success the more we as a community can be successful. This is a good opportunity for children's service providers to meet and network and share opportunities for our kids.  

Around lunch I took a  Project HomeKey Facility Tour with CSAC Executive Director Graham Knaus. Graham was able to hear how the funding from the State was used locally. The successes and the challenges. One thing that I keep thinking about is the rules of conduct. Some people think they are too strict but as one staffer pointed out these are really just normal societal rules that people living in apartments follow and so far most people have been very successful. Project Homekey Code of Conduct (

I was on a zoom meeting about Electricity Resiliency with some members of the Sierra Club and the City of Ukiah. It seems as though the City of Gonzalez has been able to set up a strong AND SAFE electrical system so I look forward to hearing more about how we can connect the dots for the City of Ukiah Electric program and the unincorporated area where PG&E operates. 

The BOS Ad Hoc BHRS Data had our first meeting. We have heard the communities call for action to see more data around outcomes. When you are speaking about people with mental illness success looks like a variety of things so we need to figure out how to gather the data if it already exists or start collecting it if it doesn't. We also need to find a way to make it easily accessible to the general public. 

I had my meeting regarding Cottage Cannabis Cultivation. It was on Zoom and about 20 people came. The BOS needs to consider what to do about ordinances 22.18 and 10A.17. We may need to repeal the 22.18 ordinance or put it on the ballot. 10A.17 has a Phase 3 that will need to be opened, its currently on an emergency hold. Neither of these ordinances supports an opportunity for people that are legacy cultivators and did not chose to get in to Phase 1 a legal path forward. I asked the group if they would support a survey that would help determine exactly how many people, in which land zones want to cultivate which type of cannabis in what quantity. Some of the guests didn't feel that a survey coming from the "government" (meaning me) would be successful so the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance has offered to send that out. I don't know if people will respond but I think its very helpful to understand if we are talking about 5 people cultivating in TPZ that want to get in to the legal market or if there are 500. Those are different conversations so I would like to see what that survey comes up with. The other challenge is that a lot of the rules that have come from the State inhibit small cultivators from moving forward so that is another variable that we will have to consider before bringing the item back to the Board. 


Friday morning I had a meeting with Sheriff Kendall, Chief of Probation Izen Locatelli and the Project Manager for the Restorative Justice Program in the jail. We talked about the agenda item coming forward and the intention of the program. 

The Public Safety Ad Hoc/MCAFD Steering Committee meeting in Anderson Valley was on Friday. This is an opportunity for Supervisor Williams and I to meet with the Chiefs and Directors from the Fire Departments to collaborate on coming up with a stronger Public Safety portfolio in Mendocino County. 


Hey one last Hurrah before school starts we spent the day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!! 


I have lots of conversations around Cannabis, just thought I’d mention I’m still taking your calls even on Sundays. I work seven days a week. Let me know if you want to set up a chance to talk. 


I’m still doing the Lucky Grocery Pick Up on Mondays and Thursdays. If you have any extra produce feel free to donate it to the Food Banks!

General Government Committee 


Committee Members: Supervisor Mulheren and Supervisor Williams 

1) Call To Order 

2) Committee Action Items 


2a) Discussion and Possible Action Including Direction to Staff Regarding the Review of all Countywide Contracts (Sponsor: Executive Office) Recommended Action: Review all Countywide contracts and provide direction to staff. Active Contracts, SS and HHSA, July 2021 Active Contracts, BHRS, July 2021 Attachments: 

Active contracts will be presented once a year w/budget and updates will be provided quarterly in the CEO report. List will include a link to the contract.

Dr Miller will use the website to update regarding contracts and service provider work per contracts (ie data, information about specific projects, etc)

2b) Discussion and Possible Action Including Approval of Protocol Regarding Board Member Special Assignments Instruction (Sponsor: Supervisor Mulheren) Recommended Action: Approve the protocol and send present to the Board of Supervisors for approval at the next available meeting. SpecialAssignmentsRoster20 Special Assignment Roster Template Attachments: 

Approved as presented, will go to BOS for approval

3) Other Business 

3a) Approval of Minutes of June 14, 2021 General Government Committee Meeting Recommended Action: Approve Minutes of June 14, 2021 General Government Committee Meeting. Attachments: 06-14-21 Minutes - DRAFT 


3b) Public Expression Attachments: 08-06-21 MCA Correspondence 

Cannabis Program to focus on portal for now, Leg update as time allows

3c) Announcements 


3d) Matters from Staff 


3e) Adjournment

I had a brief conversation about the expected return of the Wildlife Services contract on the 8/17 agenda. I’m not sure what the agenda item will look like. I know that’s not much help but it will be out on Thursday and then we will all know! 

I took a tour of the Career Point of the North Bay. Although the services are all virtual for now its important to know how job seekers and employers can be connected. I’ll share more updates on my @Mo4Mendo Facebook page so make sure you follow it. 


Busy day doing Agenda Item Prep And preparing for a CSAC Presentation. 

Enjoy your week everyone!! 

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