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Weekly Update #52 December 28, 2021

Hello Mendo!!

I am Mo. The Second District Supervisor for Mendocino County.

Each week I use the internet to provide you an update of what I am working on, this is not an exhaustive list rather an opportunity for you to comment or ask questions about a particular topic that may interest you and catch a glimpse of how one of the five Supervisors works on a variety of topics during any given week. I post this to my website at MaureenMulheren.Com, on Facebook and I would be happy to email it to you directly to your inbox. Please just let me know by emailing me at MulherenM@MendocinoCounty.Org and put "Add to email" in the subject line.

The last two weeks of the year are pretty light for meetings, I’ve been working on planning for next year and reviewing what the heck happened on my 2021. And on the agenda item for the CEO/CAO discussion with the Board. 

I spent several days last week at the Ukiah Valley Christmas Effort Warehouse. I’ve been volunteering with the Christmas Effort since I was in high school (yes, over 20 years ago) and this year my daughter and granddaughter helped out a lot. Kasie (my oldest daughter) has been volunteering since she was old enough to walk, but this year was Teagans first year and she can’t even walk yet! There are a lot of tasks that are helpful and I highly recommend them if you would like to donate your time or your money during the holiday season. The easiest way to get in to contact with them is to follow them on Facebook and they will make an announcement around October that you should be receiving a letter from the school to sign up. Then in December they will announce where the warehouse is so you can wrap and “shop” for the gifts for the families. They get a box of presents and a box with Christmas dinner. Until next year! 

Hope to see you all Thursday  morning for my last Coffee and Conversation of the year! Zoom ID 7079548230 Password LOCAL707 7:15a-7:45a

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