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Hi! I am Maureen Mulheren,

also known as The Mo You Know!

On this website you will find everything from campaign updates to my line dance fitness schedule. 

Each month you can find my Supervisor Update and the items and challenges I have been working on. 

I am dedicated to being accessible to the public, if you have any questions or a request for guest speaking arrangements please contact me directly at (707)-391-3664.

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Housing For All

Since I became a supervisor,  A notable achievement in our community includes the addition of 200 new housing units, with another 171 currently scheduled for construction. I am actively engaged in advancing an additional 121 units, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the housing needs of our residents.

Recognizing the importance of inclusive housing for all, I spearheaded extensive revisions to the inclusionary housing regulations, ensuring they align with our community's evolving needs. I played a pivotal role in streamlining processes and procedures within the Planning and Building departments, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

To address property tax concerns, I introduced a building amnesty program, facilitating proper taxation for properties.


I have and will continue to collaborate closely with Point Arena, Willits, Ukiah, and Fort Bragg, working towards annexation to foster continued development in urban areas. 


Economic Development

Since I became a supervisor,  we have taken significant strides in advancing economic development by reinstating an in-house Economic Development Coordinator. As a dedicated board member supporting agriculture, manufacturing, and small business development.

My efforts extend to the cannabis department, where I worked diligently to streamline operations and ensure the effective functioning of the cannabis program. In response to the challenges posed by the dynamic market, I spearheaded initiatives to provide temporary tax relief and an amnesty program. This proactive approach not only surpassed the budgeted $500k but resulted in an impressive $3 million, providing substantial support to our local farmers and alleviating constraints within our community.


My commitment to facilitating economic prosperity is evident in both strategic planning and impactful outcomes.


Whole Person Wellness

Since I became a supervisor, 

I actively contribute to 21 diverse boards and committees, spanning areas such as senior citizen affairs, early childhood development, outdoor recreation, and behavioral health advisory. As the seated chair of both LAFCO and the Russian River Watershed Association, I play a pivotal role in guiding and shaping significant decisions. Additionally, I actively engage in the Measure B Board and COC (Continuum of Care) Board, fostering a collaborative approach.

My initiatives extend beyond meetings and discussions, I initiated a homeless trash clean-up program to address a pressing community concern. Furthermore, I spearheaded and successfully executed an ongoing youth leadership initiative, empowering the younger generation. Recognizing the need for accessible information, I crafted an extensive guide detailing contacts for common issues and grievances. My involvement also extends to the development of changes and the creation of a user-friendly portal on the Mendocino County website.


My commitment to community service is reflected in tangible actions aimed at making a positive impact on diverse fronts.



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