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Platform and Views

My Why.

I am Maureen “Mo” Mulheren and for the last three years I have served as the Second District Supervisor and prior to that I was the Mayor of Ukiah. After six years  on the City Council, I was ready to bring my dedication and local knowledge to our County Board of Supervisors. Born and raised in Ukiah, I have deep roots in the community and am proud to be raising my family here. Protecting their future and ensuring their quality of life motivates me every day to advocate for our region’s economic well-being and natural resources. As an entrepreneur and local business owner, I understand the challenges our community faces and have used my deep community involvement and relationships to work with you to address our most pressing economic, housing, and healthcare issues.

I am experienced, accessible, invested in our community.
What Is Next?

Board Chair

This year I will serve as the Board Chair and I hope to streamline and make meetings more effective. 

County Staff

My next step is to make sure we get all employees to a “Market wage” and to keep contracts consistent so that everyone knows that to expect.

Fire Safety

I helped work on the campaign to get Measure P tax passed. My Goal is to work towards ongoing revenue streams

and advocate for policies from the State to reduce the need

for local dollars to fund

these vital services.

Mental Health

Mendocino County experiences generational struggles with poverty, addiction, and the challenges with mental health where so many try to self-medicate; our community needs tools to handle anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.



Over the past three years, a lot has happened in our county. 

  1. Housing Boost:

    • More than 300 new units of affordable and regular housing are now available or approved for construction.

  2. Cannabis Program Upgrade:

    • The process for dealing with cannabis has been made more straightforward, and the county and small businesses received $17 million in grants.

  3. Sheriff's Office Upgrade:

    • The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office 17 new vehicles.

  4. Employee Support:

    • County employees received $3,000 from the American Rescue Plan, along with a 2% cost of living increase.

  5. Economic Development:

    • An Economic Development Representative is back to work with local partners, supporting businesses and housing initiatives.

  6. Climate Resilience Preparation:

    • Measure P was put on the ballot to support fire departments and the Fire Safe Council. Efforts include campaigning and purchasing equipment from PG&E funds.

  7. Mental Health Initiatives:

    • Progress on Measure B voter initiative, including completing the Crisis Residential Treatment Center, promoting the Behavioral Health Training Center, and preparing for a Psychiatric Health Facility.

  8. Advocacy for Mental Health and Substance Misuse Support:

    • Ongoing efforts to increase services for mental health and substance misuse, including support for sober living initiatives.

  9. Grants Management Division:

    • A Grants Management Division was added to increase revenues, with over $100 million in grants applied for in its first year.

These changes aim to improve various aspects of our county, from housing and law enforcement to employee well-being and support for mental health services.


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Get In Touch

Maureen Mulheren

Direct Line:  707.391.3664

Business Contact Information:

PO Box 1908

Ukiah, CA 95482


Personal Contact Information:

PO Box 1908, Ukiah, CA 95482


County Contact Information:

501 Low Gap Road, Ukiah, CA 95482

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See you soon! 

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