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Weekly Update #26 (should have been 27) - 7/6/21

Hi everyone, sorry I skipped a week. I had to move and the major crunch ended up being right on Tuesday night when I would have normally sent out my newsletter. Please remember this isn’t all of the meetings I attend or work that I do just a summary to keep you updated and give you a nudge in case you see something you’d like to talk to me about.


Wednesday 6/23

The Behavioral Health Advisory Board had a discussion about the data and statistics that RQMC provides on their dashboards and how to make that a more effective tool for communication. There was also  a discussion on Measure B and the BOS joint meeting and actions moving forward.

If you are interested in viewing the Measure B meeting that took place you can find it on its own YouTube Channel


Thursday 6/24

Coffee and Conversation - In case you are reading this update for the first time... every Thursday I have a meeting from 7:15am-7:45am so that we can discuss whatever is on your mind. You don’t have to drink coffee. Tea and water drinkers are also welcome.

We met with the Lake and Mendocino folks for our Area on Aging monthly meeting. Most of the meetings discussion centered around how to divide the budget amongst the senior centers. While coming out of the Covid Shelter in Place each agency has different needs. We will really be disappointed to see the Great Plates meal program go away as it was providing healthy and nutritious meals for our home bound seniors.


Friday 6/25

On Friday I got to take a ride over to Anderson Valley for a meeting with Ted Williams and a few of the Chiefs and Board members from the various Mendocino County Fire Districts. This was really a getting to know you type of meeting so that I can become acquainted with where Supervisor McCowen and Williams had left off. I’m happy to part of the conversation and hope we can work towards having a strong fire service in Mendocino County because we all know we need it.

I met with two local realtors that have questions and concerns about the new cannabis ordinance. The CCAO is complicated and there are many variables but the concerns of most people remain the same including concerns about the environment and water during a drought. I hope that as we work together as a community we can continue to strategize the best legal path forward for cultivators while also protecting neighbors rights. If you have questions about the new ordinance I have been posting screen shots of specific issues on my Facebook page. As a reminder you don’t have to “join” Facebook in order to review posts if you would like to learn more. Www.Facebook.Com/Mo4Mendo

We got to have a special treat! Movies brought to us by the City of Ukiah are back! We were able to watch Alice in Wonderland outdoors at the Ukiah Golf Course. Honestly I’ve never golfed before so this was a great use of the course LOL plus the food at the Slush by the Park was delicious. I highly recommend it.


Saturday 6/26

On Saturday the Jackson Demonstration State Forest - CalFire hosted a public meeting at the Camp 20 turn out. There were about ten CalFire booths set up that had various aspects of the JDSF and the work that they do including information about Timber Harvest Plans. You can find more information here...



Sunday 6/27

Packing to get ready to move - I sold the house I owned with my ex-husband 7 years ago. This is the third time I’ve had to find housing. It’s not easy looking for something in the City limits that will allow a pet but thank goodness we found it! Moving literally two blocks away. Now if only I could find a small home that I could afford to buy so I don’t have to worry about moving. Sorry that was a personal but relevant rant. UKIAH needs housing



Monday 6/28

On Monday we had our first meeting with the Tax Sharing Ad Hoc. I met with Supervisor Gjerde, our Auditor Lloyd Weer and Deputy CEO Darcie Antle to come up with a game plan for a County Wide Tax Sharing discussion.

The Stepping Up Committee is a group of our law enforcement and mental health professionals that meet to discuss ways to help folks that have mental illness and are in the justice system. Communication between the agencies is going to be key to making this program work.

I attended another  Local Road Safety Plan meeting put on by MCOG consultants. This is a County Wide discussion. If you have areas of concern please mark them on the map:

I spent an hour or so on Monday having a Cannabis convo with a consultant for Phase 1 farmers. She said she is ready with 20 applications just waiting for the County to reopen the portal to get them through the process. No one denies that the cannabis program has been clunky especially moving between departments, now that it is its own department I think we will be able to see our way out of the mess and get farmers through to licensure.


Tuesday 6/29

On Tuesday I took a tour of the Jackson Demonstration State Forest with Marie Jones and John P O’Brien to walk several sites at JDSF to see what they think could be done differently in regards to research in the State Forest.


Wednesday 6/30

On Wednesday I had a Workforce Alliance of the North Bay check in with Bruce Wilson the Executive Director and John Haschak. I am still concerned about the resources that will get to Mendocino County and how they will be used. We will see when the new contractor is in place what the roll out looks like. They have a lot of ideas about being more mobile and going to the work force. I will post updates and events on this page.

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Carre Brown. It’s always nice to hear some of the history and get feedback. Carrie will be honored later this month by the Mendocino Women’s Political Coalition I will share the details of that event here so that you may join.

We had a pretty quiet MTA Board Meeting. We need to figure out a way to staff back up to pre-pandemic numbers so if you know anyone that is looking for a job the MTA might be a great fit. Also offering free rides to vaccine clinics in Mendocino County for anyone that has an appointment.


Thursday 7/1

Moving Day! 7 people (2 teenage girls and one infant) moved my 3 bed 2 bath house to a 2 bed 1 bath townhouse in 2 hours. I guess after moving so many times you get used to it.


Friday 7/2

On Friday morning I was honored to be asked to speak at a Great Redwood Trail Press Conference. The State has allocated $16 million dollars in the budget for the Master Plan and rail banking so we can bring this vision to fruition. You can read more here:

I got to attend my first in person First Friday Art Walk. Annie Rugyt showed her work at the Co-Work Space and even offered tarot readings. If you would like to catch up on the next art walk you can find all of the locations at ArtwalkUkiah.Org


Saturday 7/3

Would it really be the Fourth of July if you didn’t check out the Fort Bragg Fog Works? They were beautiful, even though it was foggy. It was nice to see so many people out and about.


Sunday 7/4

I was getting all around the County this weekend. I also enjoyed the Willits Parade and BBQ!


Monday 7/5

I spent the day talking about Cannabis and the Referendum. You can read snipits on my Facebook page:


Tuesday 7/6

No meetings today work on schedule for next week, would you like to see me at the Farmers Market?

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