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Weekly Update #47 - November 23, 2021

Hey there! I’m Mo Mulheren. I am the Second District Supervisor for the County of Mendocino. I never have the same day twice. My weekly update is an opportunity to share with you the variety of topics that I work on so that hopefully you can engage and ask questions or provide feedback. This isn’t an inclusive list of every moment of my day just a brief summary. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to schedule a meeting or a phone call. 

On Wednesday I met with Dee my pick for the Redistricting Committee at Black Oak Coffee. We talked a lot about the challenges of the Second District and it’s population. Unfortunately because the population is so dense the area directly surrounding the City of Ukiah has to be shared with other districts. I think right now it works because I work well with Ted (Dist 5) and Glenn ( Dist 1) and we can communicate and work on issues that affect our areas. At some point there may be Supervisors that are more territorial. It would be good to add more flexibility to our legislative platform to allow for districts to have more population in cities, especially for rural counties. 

At the BHAB meeting - Dr Miller discussed how she is still trying to hire more staff. Most of the meeting was a presentation by youth mental health providers a lot of discussion about lack of staff to be able to support the youth. If you know someone that would be a great fit please visit the County website, RQMC, Mendocino Youth Project, Tapestry or other organizations. We need you! 

In the afternoon I attended the Library Advisory Board where we received a report of what the libraries have been up to. 

Every single Thursday I start my day with Coffee and Conversation. It’s great to have a set time that anyone can come and talk to me about whatever is on their mind. 

On the Third Thursday of the month we have a meeting with Mendocino Business and Government Leaders. We started this meeting very early on during the pandemic but it has been a great opportunity for local electeds, business organizations and municipal staff to work together to find funding resources and network solutions for the businesses in Mendocino county. 

Because my MBGL meeting ended a little early I jumped in on the Inland Housing Action Team Zoom for a little bit. It’s great to have this and the Coastal group working on housing opportunities in our community. 

At our meeting for MSWMA we heard from Interim General Manager Tom Varga about the organization, the budget and the funding opportunities. 

On Thursday we had Special Board Meeting to approve the Redistricting maps for 2020. I am glad we were able to have such a successful committee of citizen volunteers. They had an incredibly short timeline and they did a great job. 

Thursday evening I joined in on the Blue Zones walking audit of Ukiah. Their experts really like our Streetscape project and gave it a 9 out of 10, they said we would have had a 10 if the trees were grown in more. 

Friday morning I joined in to the Zoom for the Mendocino County Blue Zones Environmental Policy Summit.

Friday evening I had a meeting in Cloverdale with Sonoma County electeds re water. It’s great to connect with electeds from other areas to learn more about what they are working on, and how we can connect. 

I was out of town on Saturday but I had the opportunity to check out some trails in Fremont at Central Park. I also love all of the protected bike lanes that they had. It’s nice to get out of town and check out other infrastructure. 

I laugh when people ask me what my office hours are. I’m always working, if my phone is on my hand and I’m not asleep…. I’m checking emails, responding to message and reading whatever comes across that pertains to County government. I think I might do an album on my Facebook called “Office Hours” where I just snap pictures of everywhere I am working. 

Monday morning we had a LAFCO - Work Plan Ad Hoc, keeping it informal to receive updates and provide feedback. So far LAFCO has completed the Ukiah Valley Fire District and Covelo updates for the year. Still working on CSA 3 and the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District and the City of Ukiah. There is an opportunity to create policy that will be able to move the community forward and we just need to find a way to meet the needs of the variety of municipalities throughout Mendocino County. I’m honored to be working on this committee. 

You are welcome to join my Zoom on Thursdays at 7:15a-7:45a the meeting ID is 7079548230 and the password is LOCAL707. I am not planning on login in on this Thursday as it is Thanksgiving but I’m happy to take calls anytime this week 707-391-3664 please let me know if you have questions. 

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